Youth Cheerleading
Top AAU Youth Cheerleading Program

The East Orlando Lady Preds are a top AAU Youth Cheerleading program in Central Florida!

With a strong focus on developing the skills and talents of young cheerleaders, the East Orlando Preds have quickly become one of the top youth cheer programs in the Orlando area.

Boasting talented championship coaches who are experts in their field, as well as high-quality training facilities and cutting-edge equipment, this program is truly setting the bar for youth cheer in East Orlando and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to get involved with competitive cheerleading or just enjoy some fun recreational cheering, there’s something for everyone at the East Orlando Preds!

So why not sign up today and be a part of this exciting program?

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FAQ about Youth Cheerleading

In youth cheerleading, the flyer is often full of thrilling action and extremely exhilarating, but not everyone has the guts to do it! It seems that cheerleading’s easiest role would be as a flyover.

When you are just getting into cheerleading, there’s a lot to learn. You need skills in motioning and cheers as well as jumps or tumbling for example – it all depends on what kind of team player (oraka “cheerleader”) will be useful at your organization! So take things slow; start mastering some basic moves before moving on to more complicated ones later down the line when ready- but don’t worry because we’ve got this…

How do you teach 30 kids at once? As a coach, it can be overwhelming to manage all of these little athletes. Luckily there are some tips for managing them and holding their attention! The average maximum age for an engaging activity is 5-8 years old (depending on if they’re prepping or not), but with younger ones focus lasts less than 4 minutes typically – so keep that in mind when planning out your routine today! Below is a practice plan example: Try 10 Minutes for Each
• Stretch
• Tumbling
• Stunting
• Motions
• Drills
• Jumps and formations
• 5-15 minutes of conditioning

Cheerleading is an amazing sport that combines physicality, teamwork, and choreography. There are four different sectors in cheer – all-stars (top performers), scholastic(graduate students) recreational pro dancers who go on tour with their teams to compete against other schools around America or abroad for competitions such as nationals!
As part of this role, you will need not only to be able to dance but also to perform stunts so it’s important not just to have good movement skills but coordination too.

Yes, children as young as 6 years old (Up to 14 years) can register to cheer with the East Orlando Preds.

If you have skills from other activities like gymnastics or even circus tricks, try working on perfecting back handsprings and tucks. You can teach yourself the basics such as handstands cartwheels round offs!

Level 1 cheer skills are as follows:

  • Forward Roll
  • Straddle Roll
  • Backward Roll
  • Handstand
  • Cartwheel
  • Bridge
  • Bridge kickover

Flexibility is a key ingredient for success in the field, and it’s important to have as much flexibility in your routine. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with natural bendings that allow us to move like gymnasts do but we can still work towards having supple bodies by stretching daily! You may even find yourself doing this while watching TV at home- no matter what time they come out or how often you practice them throughout the week–so don’t let small things distract from being fit mentally

Gently reach your arms down toward one foot, and lean into the stretch as far as feels comfortable. Touching my toes felt amazing! Hold it for 10-60 seconds before slowly rising back up to a standing position with legs outstretched once again.