Football Uniform Care

You are responsible for the proper care and use of equipment provided to you. Please ensure that equipment is returned on the requested return date, is laundered, and in good repair. Your attention will enable East Orlando Junior Predator Football to control costs and provide equipment to all future participants.

Helmet Care

Try keeping your helmet clean and free of debris. You can do this by simply wiping with a damp cloth. NEVER use abrasive cleaners or solvents to clean the helmet.

Always inspect your helmet – paying particular attention to the fasteners that attach the facemask and chin strap. If the helmet appears damaged in any way – IMMEDIATELY show your Coach or one of the EOJP Football Equipment Managers. NEVER play or participate in contact drills with a damaged helmet
Wash & Care Instructions for Integrated Pants & Jerseys | Cold Water Wash
COLDWATER WASH, please. And wash them separately from other garments. Keep whites and colors apart.
DO NOT DRY CLEAN OR PRESS garments. This will discolor the fabric.
Do not allow perspiration-soaked or muddy garments to lie in a pile or rest on top of each other for any period of time. Launder them immediately if they really, really need it. However, it is not necessary to launder after every wearing. Simply hang them on a plastic or wooden hanger until the next day of practice. DO NOT OVER-WASH pants.
DO NOT remove the belt or pads. FASTEN HOOK & LOOP belts before washing so they don’t bounce around in the washer.
DO NOT use chlorine bleach. DO NOT use fabric softeners. DO NOT soak the pants. Softeners deteriorate garments with spandex. They also restrict the effectiveness of Dri-Fit technology and act as a magnet to dirt.
Use MILD powdered detergent. Detergents with pH under 10 are recommended for athletic uniforms. Powdered detergents are recommended for athletic colors.
REMOVE garments from the machine immediately after washing. This will help avoid color bleeding, particularly on color-blocked garments.

Air Dry

  • Allow the pants and game jersey to AIR DRY. If you must dry them, do so on the LOWEST setting. Line Drying is recommended, particularly with these garments.
  • Be sure these garments are completely dry before storing.
  • ONCE again, COLD WASH and AIR DRYING are the best way to launder these items so that they stay looking new!

Helpful Information


In general, helmets are not comfortable. They are tight, heavy, and difficult to get used to, but they protect the most important part of our body. Players will be fitted for their helmets and should wear them for at least a week before asking for a larger size. It takes about that long to get used to wearing one. Helmets can be adjusted by adding or removing air, or changing the ear pads. Please see your coach if you want to make adjustments. Never add or remove air from a helmet on your own.


Pants should extend to just below the knee cap. The knee pad should cover the knee cap and not be above or below it.

Shoulder Pads

Should be tight against the chest and back with the drawstring pulled tight. The inside pad that sits on the shoulders should extend just past the outside of the player’s shoulder.

Extra Equipment

It is the responsibility of each player to arrive at practice and games with all their equipment including their mouthpiece. Coaches will have a supply of extra mouthpieces and helmet ear pads, along with repair equipment, but if a player shows up without a mouthpiece or a full set of pads, they will not be able to participate.