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The modern world can be a confusing place for today’s youth. Great role models who spread a message of hope and wholesomeness are few and far between. Today’s youth are bombarded with negative messages. Film and television and music personalities seem to be intent on sending a message of hopelessness and crass materialism. However there are organizations which are dedicated to providing youth with role models and an outlet for their creative and sporting energies.

One such organization is East Orlando Junior Predators’ American Youth Football program. This organization seeks to expose the youth to role models drawn from the leadership of American football, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of learning and immersion in the competitive nature of the sport and the foundations of high moral standards among all participants. Balancing the requirements and core messages of involvement with American Youth Football is a stress on community involvement and emphasis on academic excellence.

EOJP’s American Youth Football is committed to building the leaders of tomorrow through immersion in the values of good sportsmanship and a dedication to teamwork and taking responsibility. The organization believes that these values, combined with a positive attitude and a sense of responsibility are key to building confidence – and this dedication to these core values will allow the leaders of tomorrow to ‘live by the rules’.

One of the promises made by the organization is a commitment to inclusivity. EOJP will not exclude anyone based on factors such as weight, financial standing or athletic ability. This is a place of fun , safety and learning for all the youth of the community. In fact one of the guiding principles of the organization is to foster a close cooperation between members of the community and American Youth Football.

In keeping with this commitment EOJP’s American Youth Football program aims at youth with special needs, including those with physical challenges and at risk youth – such as those facing the daily challenges that gang activity forces on them.

The football programs range from activities for youth from the ages of seven to fifteen years old and these activities are further split into weight groups so that everyone is offered the chance to participate in an appropriate set of activities.

Divisions include 14u Junior Varsity, who are graduating from youth football programs at EOJP and about to enter high school. The 6u flag football division is aimed at fostering multi cultural awareness among the youth in an atmosphere of understanding while the Inspiration program goes a step further than football and reaches out to those children who might suffer from lack of physical activity or mental challenges.

This program aims to build the confidence of these youth and encourage them to have a sense of self worth – in fact removing the barriers from physical inactivity into positive engament. By extending the EOJP’s American Youth Football programs beyond the field and into the community EOJP reaches families and whole communities. Nurturing a message of hope and empowerment built on the foundations of trust, friends, support and mutual respect. The EOJP Way!

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Offering the best American Youth Football experience in all of Florida.


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